Bologna Children's Book Fair 2015

Tuesday 31 March, 11am
Venue: Sala Vivace (Centro Servizi - blocco D)

Worlds in Translation – Promoting national literatures in a global world

Coordinated by ICWA (Italian Children’s Writers Association)
A conversation about the relationship between translating and being translated in the international children’s literature market. Two different viewpoints will be discussed in order to understand how a nation's literature can or should be influenced by international cultural exchange without it being diminished or marginalised.
Outside in World – an association which promotes and explores world literature and children’s books in translation in the UK – will talk to Italian publishing professionals

Manuela Salvi (chairperson of ICWA – Italian Children’s Writers Association)
Della Passarelli (Sinnos Publishing’s editor-in-chief)
Daniela Gamba (Feltrinelli Kids’s editor-in chief)
Beatrice Masini (editor and children’s author).

Wednesday 1 April, 2pm
Venue: Sala Vivace (Centro Servizi - blocco D)

Seen from a distance

Organized by ICWA (Italian Children’s Writers Association).
The collaboration between our assocation, ICWA, and a literary critic of international acclaim, has produced a journal chronicling the work of our members.
This celebratory work, published recently by Interlinea Edizioni, portrays how ICWA authors are currently perceived from a distance, and aims to enhance and promote their work outside Italy.

Fanuel Hanan Diaz (author of the book)
Roberto Cicala (publisher)
Letizia Bolzani (critic)
Anna Lavatelli (ICWA representative)