Sarfatti Anna

sarfattiannaAuthor: Sarfatti Anna

Where I live: I live in Florence. The beauty of the city is a great source of energy for me.    

The kind of books I write: a great part of my work is in verse, though I have also written some short stories in prose form. I write mostly for children aged 5-11. Some of my books have been written in order to help children become conscious of their rights and duties as citizens. Fortunately, these have found a large audience among teachers and school children. I have also translated many Dr. Seuss books into Italian.

Languages my books have been translated into: I have only been translated once, into Chinese, and I still haven’t managed to get hold of a copy! I’d love to have more books translated, but I think the verse form may deter publishers.

Favourite foreign children’s writers: naturally, Dr. Seuss comes first! And then Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, A.A. Milne. And then Leo Lionni, Astrid Lindgren, Roald Dahl. Among contemporaries, Marie-Aude Murail.