Randazzo Luca

lucarandazzoAuthor: Randazzo Luca

Where I live: I have lived in Pisa for so many years I consider myself a native: I arrived as a university student and never left. But truly, as far as the natives are concerned, I am one of many who “washed up” here. Born in Milan, I spent my whole childhood and adolescence in Trento, among the Alps, which I still nostalgically carry inside me.

The kind of books I write: unfortunately, I have only published books for pre-teens and young adults - I say ‘unfortunately’ because, as a primary school teacher, I love younger children. Happily, my next book will be for them. My work ranges from fantastic to realistic to historical. Maybe that’s the point: I enjoy variation.

Languages my books have been translated into: one of my books was translated into French by a publisher who had bought the rights. Then they changed their mind, and the text is still in one of their desk drawers. Drat!
Awards and Prizes: Il Principe Sultano (The Sultan Prince) won the Selezione Bancarellino in 2014.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Jerry Spinelli, David Almond, Anne Fine, Astrid Lindgren, Jacqueline Wilson, Christine Nöstlinger