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Carli Morena Paola



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Where I live: I live in Trento, a small town very close to the Dolomites. Here life standard is good, culturally lively and takes account of people; among the others you can still retrace all the way through history at the Castle of Buonconsiglio, breath a brand-new air at the MUSE –Museum of Sciences and get excited at the sight of the landscape surrounding Trento.

What books I write: target audience readers are the children between 6 and 12; subjects of my issues are the ones I believe so important: the beauty of nature, the environment and the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I want to describe my little readers the life in a vegetable garden by employing the words and the colours of nature.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl and Jerry Spinelli.

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