Ferraroli Claudia

ferraroliclaudiaAuthor: Ferraroli Claudia

Where I live: When I was two my family moved to Esino Lario, a small village in the mountains not far from Lake Como. It was the home of my paternal grandparents, a hamlet where one can experience the seasons: the magic of snow in winter, the many scents of spring, the luxuriant vegetation of summer, atumn with its riot of colours. After going to university in Milan, I settled in Bellano, a picturesque resort on the shore of Lake Como, and now I get to see the lake and mountains from my window every day.

The kind of books I write: I mostly write picture books for children up to the age of 7: bilingual playbooks, with rhymes, interactive elements and colouring pages, aimed at associating the creative and the socio-ethical; rhyming books about feelings, but also about the every-day problems of the very young. I have written about same-culture foster care from the point of view of cultures other than Italian, about the importance of music and singing, and respect for animals. A good part of my work consists in designing educational and creative boxed games inspired by fairy tales, art, food, music and books! My work can be summed up as conveying a message that is both social (be there for others) and creative (do things that put you in touch with the deepest part of yourself).

Languages my books have been translated into: most of my picture books are bilingual editions: English/Italian, French/Italian, and Arabic/Italian.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Astrid Lindgren, Mira Lobe, Dav Pilkey.