Altieri Fabrizio

fabrizio altieriAuthor: Altieri Fabrizio

Where I live: I was born in the Tuscan city of Pisa, famous for its leaning tower which is in fact the bell tower of a stunning romanesque cathedral.

The kind of books I write: I write books about friendship, solidarity and feeling different, for children and teens aged 5-17. When I write I choose irony as the basis of my narrative voice, an irony typical of Tuscany, light as a feather, used as a rhetorical device. Everything is narrated with utter seriousness, even when the story is humorous and takes off somewhere between the real and the unreal. After all, what I’m trying to do is write the way I live.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Daniel Pennac, R.L. Stevenson, Jules Verne, H.C. Andersen, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London.