Folco Daniela

danielafolcoAuthor: Folco Daniela

Where I live: I live in a fantastic place in the Liguria region. The sea, sun, and sweet climate make me happy. When I walk into the post office, the person at the counter says, “Hi Daniela,” and to me that is a gift, because it means there is still such a thing as human connection and people care about one another. Here everybody cycles along an amazing cycle lane affording breathtaking views. Day by day, with all these little things, I try to celebrate life.

The kind of books I write: a series on dinosaurs and another on great historical figures are due for publication soon. Next in line is the retelling of some fairytales.

Languages my books have been translated into: my best-known books are part of the “Learn As You Read” series from Cideb-De Agostini and have been translated into French, Spanish, German and English and sold all over the world, from Canada to Australia.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Stine, the creator of Goosebumps, and Jeff Kinney with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Anne Fine’s novels I also find fantastic, with their Killer Cat protagonist.