Clima Gabriele

gabrieleclimaAuthor: Clima Gabriele

Where I live: I live in Milan, where I breathe the mystique of the historic centre along with a sizeable amount of particle pollution. My house used to be a parsonage, and its nearly four hundred years of age bring voices and stories from other times, which are a gift everyday.

The kind of books I write: I write and illustrate books for readers aged between 2 and 15, searching for wonder and poetry in every story, even those aimed at teenagers. I like to give a voice to those who have none, and perhaps for this reason my stories are often about strife, diversity and marginalisation.

Languages my books have been translated into: English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Arabic.

Awards and acknowledgements: Shortlisted for Born To Read Better Children’s Books (Nati per Leggere Migliori libri per l’infanzia) 2010 and 2012, and Invitro 2015 for 6-10 and 11-14 age groups.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: David Almond, Jaqueline Wilson, Guus Kuijer, J. R. Palacio, Marie-Aude Murail.