Tomatis Marco

marcotomatisAuthor: Tomatis Marco
Where I live: I live in Mondovì, Piedmont, in a medieval historic centre perched on a rise which overlooks the Langhe hills. Vineyards, woods, castles, towers, gastronomic perfection, fine wines like Barolo and Barbaresco. The Alps on the background as far as the Monte Rosa and Cervino.

The kind of books I write: I mainly write for teens and young adults, but also have a few titles for younger readers, adults and didactic works to my credit. My book are about historic themes, social and teen issues.

Languages my books have been translated into: My scripts for comics have been translated into French (France and Belgium), Dutch, Denmark, Sweden, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Greek. As for the book: Polish, Turkish, Greek and Portuguese (Brasil).

Awards and Prizes: Premio Andersen, Premio Mulino a Vento and others. One of my book was selected by White Ravens in 2008.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Scott Westerfeld, Jerry Spinelli, Paul Dowswell, Margareth Mahy, Robert Westall.

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