Rocchi Livia

liviarocchiAuthor: Rocchi Livia
Where I live: I was born in Venice, a fish-shaped city whose streets are canals and the the buildings are built in reverse-Gotchic style, supported by the bones of ancient woods. Every morning the women exchange cups of coffee from their balconies, eight or ten metres for the ground, and the cats stroll at their feet or above their heads. Here the neighbourhoods are called sestieri, the streets calli, the squares campi, the wine ombra... If you’ve lived here for the first six years of your life, you’ll always have the feeling that the reast of the world is somehow strange.

The kind of books I write: Fiction for pre-teens, picture books and short stories for toddlers. I write in rhyme and prose, detective stories, pink novels and geography books. Humour is the thread, along with an attempt at showing that life is better once you overcome prejudice and contrasts of any kind (between sexes, age groups, cultures…)

Languages my books have been translated into: As Livia Rocchi I’ve never been published abroad, but I’ve lent my pen to a famous mouse whose stories have been translated into 35 different languages.

Awards and Prizes: Never entered any competition.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Michael Ende, Michael Foreman, Daniil Charms, Quentin Blake, Neil Gaiman, Astrid Lindgren...