Ragusa Angela

angelaragusaAuthor: Ragusa Angela

Where I live: On an island that smells of mirth and wind, in a small village made up of house built from rocks, perched in the mouth of an ancient volcano (which fortunately has been lifeless for millions of years!), surrounded by the quiet of the mountains and oak woods, which are flown over by red feathered hawks.

The kind of books I write: Adventure books with a hint of mystery, a dash of fear, a handful of reality and a pinch of humour: all mixed with a simple language (even if sometimes using a more difficult jargon would be much easier), cooked on a fierce heat and served to children aged six and above.

Languages my books have been translated into: Getting there!

Awards and Prizes: For a full list please visit my website.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Being naturally inclined toward English literature in general and having translated for years some of the best English children’s writers, and loved them all, it is hard to say. Here’s a list of some of the authors I admire the most and always keep in my heart: Roald Dahl, Melvin Burgess, Mark Helprin, Philip Ridley, Jerry Spinelli, Anthony Horowitz.

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