Detti Ermanno

ermannodettiAuthor: Detti Ermanno
Where I live: I live in Rome, in the Pigneto, an area much loved and described by Pasolini. The neighbourhood is changed since then (the Seventies) but the characteristic Bar Necci, where Pasolini spent his evenings, is still there. I spend part of my life in the Maremma, Tuscany, a couple of miles from the renowned Saturnia thermal baths. I was born there and I often return to those places to be in touch with my roots, my relatives and my beloved hills.

The kind of books I write: Historical adventures, ranging from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century, from the Old West to the Maremma West, for children aged ten and above. I am editor-in-chief of the Il Pepeverde children’s literature magazine.

Languages my books have been translated into: A few of my short stories have been published in the eastern European market.

Awards and Prizes: I have won several prizes and been Premio Cento and Bancarellino finalist many times.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Jonathan Coe, Guus Kuijer, Jerry Spinelli, Jutta Richter, Marie-Aude Murail, Hélène Vignal just to name the contemporaries.

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