Degl'Innocenti Fulvia

fulviadeglinnocentiAuthor: Degl'Innocenti Fulvia
Where I live: I live in central Milan, the city of fashion and publishing, where I work as journalist for a children’s newspaper.

The kind of books I write: My books are targeted at children of all ages, but I prefer to write stories for first readers in which I can covey feelings using fairy tales motifs and young adult novels, whose main characters are usually females involved in extreme situations that strive to redeem themselves.

Languages my books have been translated into: Korean, Chinese, French, Polish, Catalan, Spanish, Turkish, Taiwanese.

Awards and Prizes: Premio Arpino 2010, Premio Bancarellino 2011, Premio Lunigiana2012 and many others.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: David Almond, Anne Laure Boundoux.

My website: