D'Angelo Carolina

carolina-dangeloAuthor: D'Angelo Carolina
Where I live: Born in Offida, a little town on the Adriatic coast, she now lives in Bologna, north of Italy. Bologna is the city. Also known as: the dotta (erudite), Carolina graduated there; the grassa (the fattest) Carolina loves eating; and the rossa (the red) Carolina’s living in a red-brick old house.

The kind of books I write: Picture books (0-3 y.); Limericks and Poems (4-6y.); Short Stories (7-9 y.) She doesn’t like indulging in two- page descriptions of landscape, she doesn’t like teaching moral lessons or happy endings, because she likes to help children become readers.

Languages my books have been translated into: France, Spain, Hong Kong and Korea (South Korea, where she uses the nick of Carrie Li)

Awards and Prizes: Premio Andersen 2012 finalist with her book “H.H.” (Principi&Principi Edizioni). Selected by White Ravens 2012 (IYL, International Youth Library, Munich, Germany).

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Sonya Hartnett (AUS) for her sense of tenderness. Lane Smith (USA) for his sense of logical thinking. Roald Dahl (UK) for his great sense of humour.