Cercenà Vanna

cercenavannaAuthor: Cercenà Vanna
Where I live: I was born in Florence and now live in the Chianti region. I am lucky to be able to write admiring a wonderful view: hills covered with olive trees, rows of vines and, on a clear day, the outline of faraway mountains.

The kind of books I write: I mainly write for children aged ten and above and usually my books are set in a distant historic period, such as the Middle Ages, the Renaissance up to the more recent World War II era. I have also written biographies of famous women and intercultural stories.

Languages my books have been translated into: My books have been translated into Spanish, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Korean.

Awards and Prizes: Penne 3rd prize, Cento 3rd prize, Adei Wizo (Italòian Jewis Women Association) 2nd prize, Castello di Sanguinetto 1st prize.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Jaqueline Kelly, Lois Lowry.

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