Carioli Janna

janna-carioliAuthor: Carioli Janna
Where I live:I’m lucky. I share my time between Bologna (an ancient medieval city, at the forefront of multimedia communication), the beautifully chaotic Rome and the island of Elba with its lovely sea and woods. It’s on the island that I write most of my books, but everyone of those places offers me different suggestions for my writing.

The kind of books I write: My style is straightforward and frills-free. I believe when it comes to kids dialogues are the most important form of communication, so I use them a lot, making use of my experience as television writer. I usually write adventure and detective stories, but also historic novels and poems. Up until now I’ve written over thirty books for kids aged between 8 and 12 and a dozen more for toddlers.

Languages my books have been translated into: French, Dutch, Korean, Polish, Switzerland.

Awards and Prizes: Premio Ungari-Unicef - Premio Nazionale per l’ambiente - "Insula Romana". Some of my books have been selected by White Ravens.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Marie Aude Murail, Timothée de Fombelle (France) – Suzanne Collins (USA) - Charles Dickens, Aidan Chambers, Annabel Pitcher (G.B.) - Annika Thor (Sweden) – Maite Carranza (Spain)

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