Bruno Rosa Tiziana

tizianabrunoAuthor: Bruno Rosa Tiziana
Where I live: I live in Salerno, a city overlooking a gulf in which the blue sea gently rocks the fishing boats and the ferries. It is the very same sea where the Sirens tried to charm Ulysses and that still mirrors the stacks of Capri nowadays.

The kind of books I write: I write two kind of books: fairy tales and non-fiction. The respect for diversity and exploration of one’s feelings are the main subjects of my fairy tales. My non-fiction books are centered on the use of fairy tales for didactic purposes.

Languages my books have been translated into: My books have been published in Spain and USA.

Awards and Prizes: Premio Internazionale Una favola per la pace - International peace Bureaux - Ravenna 2005 Premio Mario Tabarrini, città della fiaba - Perugia 2007 Lingua madre - (Italian authors category) - Turin 2009.

My favourite foreign children’s writers: Edward Lear, E. Brooks White, Angela Carter.

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