Walter Laura

lauraenroseAuthor: Walter Laura

Where I live: I live in Padua the learned, university city placed between Verona the romantic and Venice the splendid, under the aegis of that symbol of freedom and culture, the Winged Lion of the Most Serene Republic: a concentration of art and beauty. Galileo lived in Padua during the years of his most crucial discoveries, and the city’s historic Botanical Gardens are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And we can boast of an aperitif called Spritz.

The kind of books I write: I have written for every age group, in an amusing and surreal style: my stories are adventures in which the everyday is disrupted by the fantastic. My favourite themes are environmental protection and “adventure among the city’s works of art”.

Languages my books have been translated into: Dutch, Greek and Korean.

My favourite children’s writers: Christine Nostlinger, Bernard Friot, Marie-Aude Murail, Babette Cole.