Dini Gandini Simone

sdgAuthor: Dini Gandini Simone

Where I live: I am a lucky Tuscan son, born and still living on the shore of Viareggio, a small town set among Pisa, Lucca and Florence. Viareggio is famous in Italy and abroad for its amazing Carnival, the beauty of its beaches and the impressive scenery of the Apuan Alps on its back. Ten minutes walk from my house there is the lovely Massaciuccoli lake, where Maestro Puccini lived for more than 30 years and composed his most famous Operas: if I'm not writing on my laptop, it's quite likely you find me there, thinking about new projects between Maestro's house and the great open-air Opera House!

The kind of books I write: short stories, novels, rhymes, verses, librettos for Operas and Choir...anything else? I like historic and socially engaged issues, surreal topics and, in general, all the stories I fall in love with. My publishers think my stories are suitable for kids between 8 and 12, but I am not that sure: I think a good story has no limit of age! Last but not least, every sentence I write is forced to pass through my typical Tuscan humor: there's nothing more serious than a smile or a laughter!

Awards and Prizes: Cento Prize, 3rd place.

My favourite foreign children's writer: Roddy Doyle, Roald Dahl, Jean Giono, Daniel Pennac, James Barrie, Lewis Carrol and more and more...