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ICWA was established as a way of reaching out to new markets and carving out a role in the international children’s book market.

Many nations across Europe strive to achieve the same thing for their country’s literature, and it is essential that Italian writers are not left on the side-lines and are able to overcome both the disinterest of Italian institutions and the lack of investment in culture due to the economic crisis.

After a few initial defections and pessimistic predictions - “keeping so many writers together will be impossible” - it became clear very quickly that the glue that would bind us were the many goals we shared and our passion for a category of literature that is very often overlooked.

ICWA was founded in October 2012 after its primary objectives were agreed:

  1. To promote Italian children’s literature around the world, in English-speaking countries in particular, and regain an international standing.
  2. To overcome the misconception in Italy that children’s books are inferior literature.
  3. To build constructive dialogue with publishers to help smooth out author-publisher agreements and help promote children’s books in Italy.

ICWA directors until December 2018 are:

  • Manuela Salvi - Chair
  • Fulvia Degl’Innocenti - Deputy Chair
  • Chiara Segre - Press Relations
  • Marco Tomatis - Educational Relations Officer
  • Gabriele Clima - Libraries Officer
  • Michele d’Ignazio - Southern Italy Project Coordinator
  • Sabrina Rondinelli - Institutional Relations Coordinator

ICWA plans to publish a hard copy and digital catalogue to present a selection of the association’s authors in each edition. This document will then be used to introduce Italian children’s literature to international stakeholders, in the UK and USA in particular.

Unlike similar publications, such as "New Swedish books for Young Readers" or the "New Children’s Books of Germany, Austria and Switzerland", the ICWA catalogue will be funded, not a national cultural body (as in Sweden) nor by a publishers’ association (like the one promoting German writers), but by the authors themselves


Contributors to the ICWA international project

The delicate selection of works of ICWA’s International members, to be included in the catalogue, will be made by an external expert in children’s literature, and with an international approach.  Simonetta Bitasi was selected for the first edition.

Advocacy and promotion with publishers, agents and British cultural institutions will be curated by Kate Willman, a researcher in Italian studies in London.

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