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Bologna Children's Bookfair 2015 (Italy)

Worlds in Translation - Promoting national literatures in a global world
Wednesday 1 April, 2pm - Sala Vivace

Seen from a distance - a book about ICWA authors’ work by Fanuel Hanan Diaz, critic of international acclaim
Tuesday 31 March, 11am - Sala Vivace


Bologna Children's Bookfair 2014 (Italy)

Children's literature in the global credit crunch
Tuesday 25 March, 11.15 - Caffè degli Autori

Different or similar? Italian and Brazilian children's literature in comparison
Wednesday 26 March, 17.00 – Caffé degli Autori


Bologna Children's Bookfair 2013 (Italy)

The ICWA in conversation with the Swedish Writers' Union
Tuesday 27 March, 9.00 – Sala Ronda

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University of Worcester
International Forum for Research in Children’s Literature

  • Wednesday 12 August 2015, 9.30am
  • "The Americanisation of Italian Children’s Publishing: Are Italian Authors an Endangered Species?"

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